Thank you for choosing Amz Getaways, in this section of our website we cover Guest FAQs. Whether you’re planning a trip with us, or already booked with us this section covers a wide variety of Guest frequently asked questions. When visiting the Texas Hill Country, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, or other Texas towns we want you to rest at ease knowing all of your questions are answered. If there is something we missed please feel free to email or call us with any questions.

Guest FAQs Covering Canyon Lake and Texas Hill Country

Bookings: Guest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Amz Getaways offer an easy booking experience for me?

Amz Getaways eliminates negative experiences that guests might typically have when booking.

  • Best Rate – Our website offers the lowest rates, and that means you’ll never find a lower priced Amz Getaways property.
  • Up-To-Date Calendars – Amz Getaways calendars are updated hourly ensuring that our properties have the most accurate calendar available.
  • Secured Online Bookings – Amz Getaways website offers guest the options to book instantly with a valid credit card or e-check using our secure online website.
  • Professional Guest Representative – Guest that prefer the person to person interaction by booking over the phone may call our experienced guest representatives 7 days a week.
  • Support during your stay – Amz Getaways has a 24/7 Maintenance phone line available while you stay, and if any issues arise the appropriate support staff will be available.

Do you allow pets?

A few of our properties do allow pets, but some do not. Any additional cleaning or repair required due to the occupancy of the pet will be charged to the credit card on file for the reservation. If it is found there are more pets than agreed to at a property, or there are complaints from neighbors regarding excessive barking or nuisances caused by your pet, we will ask you to vacate the property immediately without a refund. To see our pet-friendly properties click HERE.

Are there any additional fees other than the rental rate?

Yes, the industry standard Hotel occupancy tax (HOT), cleaning/laundry fee, and booking fee. The State of Texas, Cities, and Counties requires us to collect a HOT tax for rentals that are less than a month. These entities use the revenue to advertise the areas as a tourist destination, to run the tourist offices, and for city beautification projects. We also have a cleaning/laundry fee which varies depending on the unit, length of stay, and season. We mentioned it in a previous question, As the big guys (HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Airbnb) charge the owners, and managers a fee, and recently started charging the guests a service fee, guest fee, etc…The lowest price guarantee is found on our site.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and E-Checks. The balance will charge the card or payment source on file automatically when it is due. Otherwise, we will contact you when it is due to settle the balance. Balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival.

Why do I have to pay a cleaning fee?

Our housekeepers are a critical component of our quality assurance program and they professionally clean our vacation properties between every rental. They vacuum, dust, scrub, sanitize and do the laundry after each guest’s departure to ensure your home away from home is spotless when you arrive. In addition to standard housekeeping duties, our staff checks and stocks our list of basic amenities and required supplies. If you desire daily or occasional housekeeping during your stay, we can arrange the service for an extra fee.

Can I clean it myself, and get the cleaning fee refunded?

No, for several reasons. First of all, We have spent years training our housekeepers to clean these places exactly how we want them cleaned and we have no idea what YOUR cleaning standards are. We would not have any way of knowing if you actually sanitized the surfaces or just wiped them with a wet paper towel. Also, how do we know if you are familiar with the correct products to use for cleaning travertine tile, granite counter-tops, stainless appliances, glass top stoves, etc. They have access to the supply storage and make sure all the supplies are refilled for the next guest. They also report to us on anything that is missing, damaged, needs to be replaced or repaired, when the carpet needs to be cleaned, or if the supply of washcloths has dwindled to just a couple. Lastly, you are on vacation and you shouldn’t be cleaning!

When should I make reservations?

Book Early. In January and February, summer rental bookings begin –, especially for waterfront properties. Many regular vacationers book a year in advance, so take that into consideration when making your summer vacation plans. It’s never too early to start looking. It happens every year, people call at the last minute to reserve a home thinking they will get a great deal when in reality the earlier and return guest usually get the better deals.

Do you allow parties?

Absolutely not. We want to make sure that everyone receives the privacy and quiet time they deserve. No one wants to be kept up until the wee hours of the morning or have music booming in the afternoon. Our properties are located in residential neighborhoods and are, in most cases, in close proximity to neighbors so please be aware of your actions and always be considerate of others. We want our neighbors to like vacation rentals and not start a movement to ban them from the neighborhood. In addition, the New Braunfels City Council passed a 24 hour 50ft noise ordinance that allows for citations with fines for a renter for disturbing the peace.

The property listing states sleeps 14, but I have 16 can I pay a fee for the extra people?

Sorry, No, the county has established a maximum occupancy for each home is determined by the county regulations for short term vacation rentals, and septic requirements. No exceptions can be made, and any party exceeding this number can be evicted without a refund.

Are linens provided?

Yes, all linens including sheets, towels, and blankets are provided free of cost. All sheets are 300 – 1000 count, usually Egyptian cotton, and the bath towels are soft and fluffy. If your teenager is using acne medicine, please have them bring their own towel because the acne medicine bleaches our towels.

What are the terms and conditions of this website?

The terms and conditions of our website can be found here.

How old do I have to be to rent with Amz Getaways?

You can book an Amz Getaways property if you are 25 or older. If the age requirement changes on a particular vacation home we’ll make it clear in the home’s description and agreement when that’s the case.

Does my baby count toward the total occupancy?

The short answer…No. We don’t count kids towards the occupancy until they’re over the age of two. If there are differences of policy it will be made clear in the vacation home listing page.

General: Guest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where should we stay when vacationing?

When choosing a suitable rental think about what you plan on doing while your here. While New Braunfels and Canyon Lake are only twenty minutes apart you may want to be in close proximity to Schlitterbahn, or if your bringing a boat you may want to be near a boat ramp at Canyon Lake. Our reservation specialist can help you find the perfect location for your group and desired location.

What about availability, people, plans, amenities?

Ask Questions. Whether booking a property that you’ll stay in for two days or two weeks, you want to make sure that you’ll have all the amenities you want and need available to you. And the only way you’ll know is if you ask. More is better in this case, and we will be happy to provide information and photos to anyone considering our rental home.

Why should we stay at a vacation rental versus staying at a hotel?

Vacation rentals offer an excellent alternative to hotel family vacations. Hotel rooms are much smaller, and a family of four or more often will need to rent 2 or more hotel rooms just to accommodate everyone. In addition, they’ll have to go out to restaurants for every meal, possibly pay for parking, internet use and phone calls, which significantly increases the overall cost. Vacation rentals offer more value, more space, more amenities, and come with fully equipped kitchens for eating some or all meals at home. Entire families can stay under one roof or multiple families can stay together and split the cost. Vacation rentals are perfect for family vacations, reunions, weddings, and romantic getaways.

When should I go on vacation?

While this is ultimately up to you, consider off-peak vacations. The most popular vacation months are typically July and August, so naturally booking a vacation rental during these months will be more expensive. If you plan a trip for late May or early June, you can avoid most of the peak-season fees. And if you can wait until after Labor Day, you’ve got the chance to save more on your rental.

Should I use a Travel Agent?

It’s up to you but we recommend you be your own planner. Using a booking agent can tack on a fee of up to 10% on top of the cost of a rental, so use websites like ours to do it yourself, quickly and easily. We should also note that we offer the lowest price guaranteed. Websites like HomeAway and Airbnb tack on service fees, guest fees, traveler fees, etc, and really have no handling fees as they already charge the owners and managers who have fees. Pro tip do you want to save some of the fees? Book direct with the source!

Where is the nearest hospital or emergency clinic?

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Emergency Center – Creekside

244 Creekside Crossing

New Braunfels, Texas 78130


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – New Braunfels

600 North Union Avenue

New Braunfels, Texas 78130


Texas MedClinic

958 IH 35N

New Braunfels, TX 78130


Properties: Guest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you stock your properties with?

All our properties are fully furnished. Kitchens are equipped with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, standard appliances, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, coffee filters and basic spices. We also have laundry detergent and bounce sheets. You will also find a hair dryer, an iron, ironing board, laundry basket and an alarm clock. We provide linens, and indoor, towels, bath mats, 2 rolls of toilet paper per toilet, and paper towels.

Can we make a bonfire on the property or use the fireplace?

You must have a fire pit provided by the owner, and/or written permission from us in order to have any fires on the land or in the fireplace. You are not allowed to bring one. All fires in fire pit are generally after 4 pm. All wood must be bought locally for a fire pit. NO home provides wood for the fire pit or allows it to forage from the property.

There may be a time/ weeks when No fires are allowed on the land in accordance with the Texas Counties fire bans. This does occur, so you must check with us upon check in to see if there are any fire bans in place. Even if there is a fire pit, you may not burn during a fire ban.

What needs to be done at time of checkout?

First, make sure your out of the home at the checkout time so that our housekeeping staff can prepare for the next guest’s arrival. Please make every effort to leave the home the way you found it and observe the following:

  • Make sure you remove all of your belongings. We are not responsible for items left behind.
  • Make sure you leave any items that belong in the house.
  • Take garbage to the dump or to the on-site garbage containers in bags, but do not leave outside of the container. There will be charges to the payment method on file for trash left at the property. Note: some of our homes provide trash pickup for your convenience this only occurs once a week. The homeowner pays for this service and we are limited to a handful of service providers at the Lake.
  • Clean the grill.
  • Wipe the refrigerator or oven of any drastic spills that may have occurred.
  • Put furniture back the way you found it, including patio furniture.

The home and hot- tub will be cleaned and inspected after your stay.

Do your homes have high speed internet and wifi?

Some of our homes offer high-speed service, and wifi, email us for that list or check the property listing pages. The high speed is the best any homeowner can do at this lake, it may not be as fast as a major city, but this is not the homeowner’s fault. Note: some of the homes are unable to obtain high speed, even if the owners would love to provide it due to their location on the lake. Most mobile wifi hotspots also work most of our locations, if you travel with those. You must purchase for your computer before departure.

How do we get the keys to the property?

All of our rentals currently have a lockbox on or near the door. We will email you detailed directions and instructions to the property a few days prior to your stay, which will include the code for the lockbox. Some properties may be keyless in which the lock on the door releases the deadbolt with the code entered.

Can I check out late?

We offer late check-out whenever possible for a small fee. Email us to see if it’s available and add it to your reservation.

We left an item or items behind, can you ship it to me?

We can mail you your lost item for a $25 processing fee, plus shipping, within two weeks of your stay. If you would like to arrange a shipment call us at 866-958-9911. Otherwise, we’ll donate it to a local charity 3 weeks after the item is found.

Cancellations: Guest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a couple of options for guest inquiring about cancellations.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations are effective on the date written notice is received by fax or e-mail in our office with the understanding of the cancellation fee. If a refund is applicable, refund payment will be processed within two weeks of cancellation notice and will be in the form of US Check or refund to credit card account to be determined by Amz Getaways.

The following assessments will apply to cancellations:

Cancellation 15+ days prior to arrival date will result in the forfeit $500

Cancellation 14 days or less prior to arrival date will result in the forfeit of 100% of Total Rent.

There are no special circumstances involved in the cancellation process. Reservations are not contingent upon availability or conditions of the water, weather, or recreational facilities, including but not limited to the Comal, Guadalupe River, San Marcos River, Insects, wildlife, or Schlitterbahn. There will be NO REFUNDS for shortened stays. Cancellation or early departure does not warrant any refund of rent. There will not be a refund if you shorten your stay for any reason.

What is the Cancellation Protection Plan (CPP)?

CANCELLATION PROTECTION PLAN: This section is only applicable to guests who paid for Amz Getaways Cancellation Protection Plan.  If guests did not purchase the cancellation protection plan, guests need to refer to the cancellation policy.  Amz Getaways Cancellation Protection Plan has many benefits with the ability to cancel your trip when you purchase the protection plan at the time of booking.

Cost: 6.0% of Total reservation

Guest can cancel anytime prior to 5 days before arrival and receive 100% of reservation total back less the cancellation protection plan fee. Cancellations 5 days or less before arrival with proof of purchase of cancellation protection plan at the time of booking (or within 3 days of booking) can receive 75% of reservation total paid less the cancellation protection plan. Some reasons include:

  • Guest changes their mind and decides not to go on their trip.
  • A major work-related obligation arises that a guest must attend.
  • A child has an unplanned can’t-miss sporting event.
  • Guest has a problem with their passport or travel visa.
  • The family pet is sick and guest can’t be away.
  • And, many other unforeseen situations that could arise.

Other: Guest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is Canyon Lake?

Canyon Lake is a reservoir on the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country in the United States. Canyon Lake is the U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers reservoir formed on the Guadalupe River in Comal County by Canyon Dam, which is located about sixteen miles northwest of New Braunfels. The dam, lake, and all adjacent property are managed by the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers. Water rights, wastewater treatment, and hydroelectric generating facilities are managed by the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority. Construction of the dam began in 1958 and was completed in 1964. C The reservoir serves to provide flood control and water conservation for the communities downstream from the dam. The lake is also a popular recreational destination.


Canyon Lake is located at  29°52′53″N 98°14′24″W / 29.88139, -98.24[1]. It is located in northern Comal CountyTexas, about 35 mi (56 km) northeast of San Antonio and 40 mi (64 km) southwest of Austin. Towns in the immediate vicinity of the lake include former city Canyon City, Hancock, Fischer, Sattler, Startzville and a census-designated place known as Canyon Lake, Texas. Larger towns nearby include New Braunfels and San Marcos.


Canyon Lake is a center for recreation in the area. The Corps of Engineers built and maintains eight park areas around the lake for camping, swimming, boating and picnicking. Comal County also provides several boat ramps for access to the lake. Hike, bike and equestrian trails are available, as is limited hunting. Bank fishing is available in all park areas, and a 24-hour fishing dock can be found in Cranes Mill Park on the south side of the lake.

Canyon Lake Gorge

The Canyon Lake Gorge is a beautiful and natural insight into the geology and hydrologic dynamics of Glen Rose limestone in Comal County near Canyon Lake. The Gorge was created, or “cut” when floodwaters escaped over the Spillway at Canyon Lake during the Flood Event of 2002.

The Gorge Preservation Society (GPS) is a local citizen’s group who have partnered with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is dedicated to developing long-term plans for the Gorge. The National Association of Recreation Resource Planners (NARRP) has awarded its 2008 “Excellence in Planning Award” to the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA), Halff Associates Inc., and the Gorge Preservation Society for the Canyon Lake Gorge Master Plan for this unique area.

Canyon Lake, Texas

Sits conveniently between Austin and San Antonio and just minutes from New Braunfels, Gruene, Bulverde, and Spring Branch. On the rim of the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Canyon Lake has a shoreline of 80 miles.

Canyon Lake is known as the Water Recreation Capital of Texas. Canyon Lake has beautiful clear water, a variety of bass, camping and day parks, hiking trails, and lots of room for recreation. 22 boat ramps provide easy access. Canyon Lake welcomes the Upper Guadalupe River from the west while the Canyon Lake Dam provides a controlled release of cool waters into the Lower Guadalupe River, temperate enough to sustain rainbow trout life throughout the summer.

Canyon Lake is a unique community among rolling hills in the midst of lake and river waters. Day trips to heritage-rich central Texas towns, such as Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Johnson City, and Bandera, make us a top location for lodging. Water activities are abundant. The cedar and oak woods are saturated with wildlife. Neighborhoods are shared with pet-like deer. It’s calming and natural. Photographers will be exhilarated. Enjoy local hangouts and concerts on the river. Take a helicopter ride for a bird’s eye view.

Central Texas Hill Country

Canyon Lake Texas is a true hidden treasure of the Central Texas Hill Country. With breathtaking waterfront and lake views; this is the place where many are starting to call home. White-tailed deer, foxes, roadrunners, and other wildlife are in abundance in the Texas Hill Country and especially at Canyon Lake. The Texas Hill Country is famous for its hilly terrain, live oak trees, limestone rocks, native animals, and clean fresh air.

Canyon Lake has so much to offer: Boating/Sailing, Water Skiing, Kayaking, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Hiking, Dining, Shopping, and much more. Canyon Lake is located just forty miles north of San Antonio and twenty-five miles west of New Braunfels and San Marcos.

Canyon Lake has eight Corps of Engineer Public Parks, 23 boat ramps, two marinas, campgrounds, golf course, country club, and yacht club. The lake has a surface area of 8,230 acres and 80 miles of shoreline. Canyon Lake releases water downstream into the famous Guadalupe River.

Angling Opportunities

The largemouth bass is the most popular and most abundant sportfish in the reservoir. White bass and striped bass also provide an excellent fishery. Stripers provide excellent angling because of their growth potential and strong fighting characteristics. An annual TPWD stocking program maintains the fishery because striped bass does not successfully reproduce in this reservoir. Crappie fishing is generally poor, although occasionally good catches can be made, especially along standing timber in the river. Angling for redbreast sunfish can provide an excellent fishing experience for the family. Channel, blue, and flathead catfish are present in good numbers. Smallmouth bass is also present in small numbers. They tend to prefer rocky habitat found in main lake areas.

Fishing Cover/Structure

Canyon Lake is dominated by steep rocky banks, isolated flooded timber, and clear water typical of a highland reservoir. The water becomes stained as one move up the reservoir and into the river. In most of the lake rock ledges, rock piles, steep drop-offs, flooded timber, and a few marinas provide cover for game fish. The river portion of the reservoir is dominated by flooded timber, rock ledges, and laydowns. When the water level is high, largemouth bass anglers should concentrate on the flooded terrestrial vegetation.

Tips & Tactics

Largemouth bass anglers are most successful on Canyon Lake during the spring, fall, and winter months. Bass fishing in summer on this highland reservoir can be difficult even for the most experienced anglers. Topwater baits such as buzzbaits, Zara Spooks, and Pop-R’s are popular in the early morning and evening hours. On cloudy days consistent topwater action can occur all day. Crankbaits are also very popular fished along main-lake points, rocky shorelines, and flooded timber. Popular soft plastic baits include worms, spider grubs, grubs, and soft-jerk baits. Try spinning gear and light line (6-10 lb.) in main-lake clear water situations.

For white and striped bass in the summer and early fall, look for schooling activity around main-lake points and humps. These fish can be caught using topwater baits, jigging spoons, grubs, and rattletraps. Popular techniques for striped bass are trolling with in-line spinners and crankbaits and vertically jigging white bucktail jigs. Live bait presentations for both striped and white bass are popular at all times of the year. White bass spawning migrations occur from February through April. During these months, white and striped bass can be concentrated in the river portion of the reservoir. Anglers catch them using small in-line spinners, small jigs, jigging spoons, small crankbaits, and live bait presentations.

Catfish anglers can find the channel, blue, and flathead catfish throughout the reservoir. Channel catfish dominate the fishery. Stinkbait and cut bait work well for channel and blue catfish, while live bait is preferred for flathead catfish. The most consistent catches come from the upper third of the reservoir. Trotlining is very popular for flathead catfish.

Where are Water Wheel Condominiums? is owned and operated by Amz Getaways (; a Leading vacation rental company in New Braunfels and Canyon Lake, Texas.

EACH CONDO IN WATERWHEEL CONDOMINIUMS ARE INDIVIDUALLY OWNED AND MANAGEDWaterwheel is not the property association management company, and all inquiries for the property association managers should be directed to PATTON ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT. If you rented a condominium at Waterwheel Condominiums in New Braunfels, please check your receipt and e-mails to see which company, or owner you rented the unit from. 

Waterwheel Condominiums in New Braunfels offers reserved parking, two community pools, four hot tubs, a private riverfront park, elevators in each building, and private security on weekends. Waterwheel Condominiums are located only a few blocks from the world famous Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Most units are fully furnished, include cable, high-speed internet, and luxurious furnishings.

This complex is ideal for family getaways, corporate lodging, and Winter Texans. Visitors love the proximity to the river, eateries, attractions, as well as the ease of access to units, safe and secure settings, as well as the full service offered by outfitters. is a site potential visitors a place to connect. Waterwheel Condominiums is an ideal getaway alternative to hotels, providing more space and amenities for your money than a hotel room. When you choose to vacation in New Braunfels and Canyon Lake, Texas, you get more than a room and cold breakfast – you get an experience and a chance to create memories to last a lifetime! New Braunfels is host to a chamber of commerce (Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce) and lodging Associations (Greater New Braunfels Lodging and Restaurant Association) and the original Gruene Lodging Association. New Braunfels, Texas, and Comal County has great schools, a good year-round climate, and a small-town community feels.” Besides kayaking, tubing and swimming in summer, New Braunfels holds a German-style festival, Wurstfest (“sausage festival”), every November to celebrate the city’s German heritage, as well as Gruene 10K, Comal County Fair and Rodeo, Old Gruene Market Days, Annual Texas Clay Festival, Annual Tour de Gruene Bicycle Classic, Wassailfest, Wein & Saengerfest, Cowboy Kringle in Gruene, and the Downtown Tree Lighting. All of our wonderful year-round activities attract thousands eager to join the fun.

During the winter season, Winter Texans and Snow Birds come to New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, and surrounding areas. Most Winter Texan visitors are attracted by good weather, recreational activities, restaurants, and lodging. Winter months also are popular with Corporate Housing Guests and Realtors seeking relocation services for their clients. Winter visitors can enjoy excellent lodging at a discount in luxurious fully furnished homes with low rate including utilities.

What are the boating regulations?

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Maintain the Boating, fishing, and other recreational activities. Please feel free to click HERE to visit their boating regulations pages.

Can I rent a boat or jet ski?

There are several marinas on the lake that rent pontoons, jet skis, and ski boats. Please see our partner page Hill Country Local for more information.