Grocery Delivery

Amz Getaways Express Grocery Delivery Service!

Looking forward to a relaxing vacation? Don’t want to spend hours search for items or stores for your groceries? How about a stocked pantry and fridge when you check in? Amz Getaways concierge services are dedicated to make grocery shopping a hassle free and fast process. We have compiled a list/template so you just have to tell us what you want to go into the home on your arrival; we will gather it up and deliver it to your kitchen.

Amz Getaways concierge services is here to take the stress off your mind and help you plan your vacation in a different way. Stop thinking! Take advantage of our convenient grocery home delivery service!

We will purchase your groceries from HEB, Target, and Costco. Simply select the amount of items you want us to procure during the booking process, and send us your list. We will charge for our delivery fee based on the table below, and charge the cost of the groceries to your account that can be deducted from your deposit or paid separately.

Delivery Pricing

$40.00 per Hour
(1 Hour Minimum)

Average Number of Items per Hour

Items Hours Price
1-9 0.5 $40.00
10-19 0.75 $40.00
20-29 1.0 $40.00
30-39 1.25 $50.00
40-59 1.50 $60.00
60-79 1.75 $70.00
80-99 2.00 $80.00
100-124 2.50 $100.00
125+ 3.0 $120.00


Still Have Questions? 

Q.)How does this work?

A.) Place your order, and Amz Getaways sends a personal shopper to the store on your behalf. Groceries are then brought to your location and unloaded and placed in your rental.

Q.) Can I copy/paste my own grocery list?

A.) Yes, you can paste your own list into an email and send it to us separately.

Q.) What is your refund policy?

A.)You are given a copy of the store receipt upon delivery, so you have the ability to return incorrect products to the store directly if you like.

Q.)How quickly can I receive my groceries if I order today?

A.) Same day delivery is dependent upon personal shopper availability, and will include a $25 fee if the order is placed after 6am that day. If you really need it today you can call 866-958-9911 to see if we have anyone available to pick and deliver your order.

Q.)What if an item is out of stock or unavailable?

A.) Some products are frequently out of stock so if you really need something in particular, please make a note in your shopping list.  You can authorize additional stops for products that are particularly important to you. Or Amz Getaways can substitute any item which is a different brand or similar version of that product. If you do not want us to make any substitutions for a particular item, please add special instructions”No Substitutions” next to that item or in the additional notes section during checkout.

Q.) Can I purchase Alcohol or Tobacco?

A.) No we do not purchase Alcohol or Tobacco

 Please Click here to view and print our grocery list.